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Health and Safety
Achieving health and safety excellence is at the core of Wood Group Industrial Services business strategy. We recognise that the industries in which we operates require constant attention to the assured deliverance of a safe working environment. In response, we have adopted a pro-active management culture to ensure that the highest possible standards of health and safety are achieved in all of our endeavours.

We believe that effective safety, health and environmental management significantly contributes to our business performance, the success and business performance of our customers and supply chain partners and the health, wealth and well-being of all our employees. The company Health and Safety Management System is externally accredited to OHSAS 18001.

We continue to invest in developing improvements in our safety performance through the provision of targets and training, supported by management audits to ensure that lessons learnt are being successfully applied across all of the company’s activities. For 2019 Wood has introduced Safety Shield across all of its operations.

Wood’s Safety Shield incorporates the best of previous safety programmes with some new elements, simplifying how we bring together our safety tools as one company.

  • Making the commitment to fully prepare before we start a job
  • Taking care to really engage with our teams and the safety tools
  • Having the courage to intervene

Introducing Wood’s Safety Shield…

What is it?

Safety Shield is Wood’s new approach to safety. It will help us communicate, engage and simplify our safety systems, while including the best of our heritage safety programmes, Safety Cocoon and Beyond Zero, which will be retired in 2019.

The Safety Shield has three parts: prepare, engage and intervene. Each part must be in place for the shield to protect. Experience has taught us that incidents happen because one or more of these elements is weak or missing.

Safety Shield is founded in Wood’s values: commitment, care and courage.  We need commitment to prepare properly, care to engage effectively and courage to intervene appropriately.

A shield can only protect when it is used properly, and we all have a duty (not a ‘choice’) to ‘raise our Safety Shield’, to prepare, engage and intervene.  

What does ‘prepare’ mean?

Preparation starts with a commitment between Wood and its employees. Wood provides the tools and resources to do the job safety and you must use them properly.

What does ‘engage’ mean?

Engaging means we take the time and effort to make sure our safe systems of work are in place and kept in place all through the job.

What does ‘intervene’ mean?

Intervention keeps us on the right track and aware of risks, that’s why we need intervention tools to help keep the job safe, check to see that everything is going well, help us learn and improve and in some cases stop the job if it’s unsafe.

Why do we need it?

Safety Shield will help us simplify safety management and drive consistency throughout our business.

We will also use our Safety Shield for awareness and training, organisation and monitoring of our management system, and for recognising individuals.

Everyone every day must raise the Safety Shield to keep us all safe!


If you have any questions about the implementation of Safety Shield please contact the HSEQ team:

Keith Strachan, HSSEA Senior Manager
T: 0191 493 2600
E: keith.strachan@woodplc.com

We are committed to achieving the highest possible standards of environmental management within the industries in which the company operates.

A detailed Environmental Management System has been developed as part of our Integrated Management System, which was successfully accredited to the ISO14001:2015.

Copies of our current Environmental Policy as well as our ISO14001 Certificate are available upon request.

Environmental training and awareness courses are provided to all of our staff and we are always seeking improved working procedures, new materials and innovative equipment that we can employ to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Quality Assurance
We operate our quality management through a detailed set of Company Management Procedures that provide the basis for good governance, standardised office and site management systems and the ability for internal and external quality assurance audit processes to be undertaken.

As well as complying with the requirements BS EN ISO9001, BS EN ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, our aim is to establish best practices at all levels and to use proven established methods of HSEQ management within the business. In addition we are committed to the ongoing development of these management systems through a process of continual improvement and audit.

Copies of our current Quality Policy as well as our ISO9001 Certificate are available upon request.

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