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Health & Safety
Achieving health and safety excellence is at the core of Wood Group Industrial Services business strategy.
We recognise that the industries in which we operates require constant attention to the assured deliverance of a safe working environment. In response we have adopted a pro-active management culture to ensure that the highest possible standards of health and safety are achieved in all of our endeavours.

Wood Group Industrial Services believes that effective safety, health and environmental management significantly contributes to its business performance, the success and business performance of its customers and supply chain partners and, not least, the health, wealth and well being of all its employees.

We continue to invest in developing improvements in our safety performance through the provision of targets and training supported by management audits to ensure that lessons learnt are being successfully applied across all of the company’s activities.

The company Health and Safety Management System is externally accredited to OHSAS 18001. A copy of our certificate and current Health and Safety Policy is available for download. The company is currently registered with IOSH, IPAF, RoSPA, and the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme CHAS.

Zero Harm
Our safety record is excellent but we can all still do more to improve HSE standards even further. Improved safety standards will keep people safe, assist in securing future contracts, increase employee morale and productivity and ensure continued compliance with current legislation. The Zero Harm campaign has been introduced as part of a zero tolerance stance on health, safety and environmental incidents and accidents.

Safety Cocoon
We have a duty to protect people and take comfort from the fact we have all of the right tools, process and standards to live and breathe safe working practice. The Wood’s Safety Cocoon is the foundation of our approach to protecting people.

The Safety Cocoon features four layers that focus on hazard awareness, safety training and behavioural standards and lifesaving rules. Each element of the safety Cocoon acts as a protective layer around people.

The safety Cocoon includes four elements:

First layer : Aristos
As human beings we are constantly faced with choices. When at work, often our decisions will determine whether we get home safely. The same decision making process applies to all other aspects of our lives. We know right from wrong, we know what we should do but don’t always do it. Our “Aristos Experience” will help you understand why the decisions we make are not always the safest choice. It will help you make the right decisions and encourage you to step up when the decisions of others are putting our people at risk.

Second layer : Hazard awareness
Many of our incidents result from our failure to identify and manage workplace hazards. If we fail to spot and manage a hazard before we start work then an incident is a very real possibility. We will provide you with some simple tools that will help you spot hazards and do something about them before they can cause harm. The tools will encourage you to work as a team to spot and eliminate the hazards. You also have the authority to stop any work if you see something that is unsafe.

Third layer : Life Saving Rules
We have eight Life Saving Rules. They set our minimum expectations for those activities which, based on an analysis of incidents, are most likely to result in you being seriously injured. They help raise your awareness and provide you with some simple key actions which, when followed, will protect you and your colleagues from injury. We expect everybody, at all levels of our organisation, to comply with these rules.

Fourth layer : Behavioural Standard
Our behaviours, whether you are a director, manager, supervisor or worker, set the safety culture of our organisation. It’s often referred to as ‘the way we do things around here’. We want Wood to build a safety culture that is recognised by our people, our clients,  subcontractors and the regulators as being second to none. To do this we all need to actively demonstrate those behaviours that will help build such a culture – our behavioural standard clearly states those behaviours for all levels of our organisation.

If you have any questions about the UK implementation of the Safety Cocoon please contact the HSEQ team:

Keith Strachan, VP HSSEA Industrial Services
T: 01914 9432600
E: keith.strachan@woodgroup.com

Wood Group Industrial Services Limited is aware that many of its activities require careful management in order to minimise the effects that may be caused to the environment.

The Senior Management Team is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of environmental management within the industries in which the company operates.

A detailed Environmental Management System has been developed as part of our Integrated Management System, which was successfully accredited to the ISO 14001:2004.

A copy of our current Environmental Policy as well as our ISO 14001 Certificate are available upon request.

Environmental training and awareness courses are provided to all of our staff and the company is always seeking new, improved working procedures, materials and equipment that we can employ to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Quality Assurance
Wood Group Industrial Services Limited views effective quality management as the foundation on which it is building and expanding its business.

The company operates its quality management through a detailed set of Company Management Procedures which provides the basis for good governance, standardised office and site management systems and the ability for internal and external quality assurance audit processes to be undertaken.

As well as complying with the requirements BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, our aim is to establish best practices at all levels and to use proven established methods of HSEQ management within the business. In addition we are committed to the ongoing development of these management systems through a process of continual improvement and audit.

A copy of our current Quality Policy as well as our ISO 9001 Certificate are available upon request.

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