Industrial Cleaning

We provide cleaning services across many sectors including: marine, oil and gas, power generation, infrastructure and petrochemical.

We are experienced in delivering cleaning services into logistically challenging environments such as confined spaces and high level locations where access is problematic.

We can work with a range of hazardous materials and environments including: asbestos, radioactive and corrosives, confined spaces, tanks and vessels.

We also offer specialist cleaning of heating and ventilation systems internals using remote equipment.


Water jetting

As a proud member of the Water Jetting Association (WJA), we specialise in high and ultra high pressure water jetting.

Combined with the right equipment, and safe working practices, these methods can be used for a wide range of applications such as: cleaning, hull and tank washing, coating removal, and surface preparation.

Confined space cleaning

We provide certified cleaning operatives that specialise in confined space operations.

Tanks and vessels often contain corrosive or hazardous materials and present additional challenges. Our services include the removal and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and residues.

Hazardous materials are the norm for us

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) are often found within the oil and gas as well as process industries, also known as LSA (Low Specific Activity) scale.

We can manage and execute the whole process from assessment and preparation through access and cleaning of scale and sludge to ensuring the correct disposal of wastes.

Industrial vacuuming

We undertake industrial cleaning work in difficult locations such as coal-fired power stations and bulk powder process plants.

We regularly and safely need to overcome various challenges associated with removing of high volumes of accumulated dust, debris and guano, working around live facilities, and working in hot or uncomfortable environments.

Our extensive experience in industrial cleaning operations allows us to determine the best and most economic solutions to any situation.

We provide varied services: from using large high-flow vacuum plants, bespoke installed vacuum units at strategic points, rechargeable backpack vacuums, and pressure washing systems, right down to the traditional mop, brush and shovel.

Facilities cleaning

We provide a range of cleaning services for marine vessels that includes deep cleaning of machinery spaces and decks, as well as daily cleaning of compartments such as galleys, mess decks, corridors, heads and bathrooms.



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